My Yellow Suit- By Raja’ Batarseh

The Yellow Suit

My Yellow Suit is a heartfelt memoir of a resilient woman’s struggle with obesity and food addiction, and her never-ending attempts to attain inner peace and happiness. It is an enlightening and inspiring book for people battling weight issues and addictive behaviors, as well as for those seeking self-growth and philosophical life lessons. The Yellow Suit Diet, in addition to valuable findings and guidelines regarding weight-loss, stress management and self-motivation are also compiled in this personal story.

“Throughout the last 30 years, I turned into a lab rat, experimenting with various fad and balanced diets, using appetite-suppressants, exercising vigorously, undergoing countless therapy sessions, reading self-help books and even resorting to surgery – all in a relentless determination to win my battle with weight. But did any of these measures work? Did I find the missing piece to my puzzle? Was gaining happiness as hard as losing weight?”

Raja’ Batarseh


2 responses to “My Yellow Suit- By Raja’ Batarseh

  1. Hello, I’m having this book at school and I have to write a book report about this story and I don’t know what to write exactly :S, I need help
    Thaankk uu (:

  2. Dina,
    This is not a story as in a “fiction” story. This is more the life story of the writer and her attempt to control her diet and weight and her success at doing that. It is an excellent book to read. Try and read some and sum it up.


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